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XXXI NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP of the Bulgarian Association of Bartenders

Rules and Regulations:
1. Registration for participation in the competition is done electronically by sending a recipe for a Long-Drink cocktail.
2. Prescriptions are filled in the form that you can download from the BAB website http://www.bab.bg and sent to the e-mail address: president@bab.bg
3. The prescriptions must be sent no later than 17.04.2024. to the email address provided, and the recipe must be described according to the requirements below.

1. Applicants must be members of B.A.B. paid membership fees for 2024 or paid a fee to participate in the competition.
2. Participants must register for the event and submit their recipes according to the conditions set by the organizer.
3. On the day of the competition, candidates must use the same recipe with which they entered. Otherwise, they may be disqualified from the competition.

Competition format:
1. The sequence of participation of the contestants will be determined by lot.
2. A certain number of contestants go to the bar at the same time.
3. Each competitor has a seven (7) minute limit for five (5) cocktails. (flare-5 minute limit for (3)cocktails).
4. All decisions of the Jury are final and not subject to change.

1. Assessing taste.
2. Presentation of the drink:
– visual presentation of the drinks;
– accessories;
– constant character of the drinks;
– creativity and presentation style;
3. The presentation of the candidate:
– presentation of the cocktail;
– organization of the work area;
– announcement of the recipe in English;
4. Venue of the competition:
– the place is assessed for cleanliness at the beginning and end of the presentation /competition time/ by the two technical judges.
5. Technical skills:
– the competitor’s technical knowledge and skills;
6. The jury will determine the winners based on the total number of points collected from the three competitions.
7. The technical and tasting jury assessment forms can be downloaded from the BAB website and viewed.

1. The winners in both styles will officially represent Bulgaria at the world championship in Madeira-Portugal (October 14-19).
2. Medals and certificate for demonstrated professional skills.

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Terms and Conditions:
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